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The era of the information demands the new global approach in business.

Uniqueness, mobility, reliability, readiness to take up the responsibility and to solve any task in short term - characteristics of the modern Company which corresponds to a rhythm of time and requirements of modern business.

About Arowana Club

With a huge experience and understanding of the business, as well as with the help of our experts, we have created a unique multi-functional platform for seafarers and ship owners companies, which allows you find a job quickly and easily and that will suit all your needs and wishes. Individual approach to every client will allow you to feel the benefits of working with Arowana Club, it will be the beginning of your successful career, and also will build the foundation for cooperation with our company in the future.

Wide range of services is offered by our crewing department. Experienced staff will easily answer you to the questions you have and definitely will make their work with all responsibility with each client individually. For us its very important to know that our customers are satisfied with the conditions of their work, so we are working hard to ensure your comfort.

Our platform is made for connection of the seafarers and ship-owner companies, which allows you to find a truly respectable work very quickly and operatively.

One of the advantages of Arowana Club, that sets us apart from many others companies - is VIP Club for seafarers. We took into account the wishes of each client, and created a service where each member of the club feels its high status and sees a real help in work, and the small problems which seafarers faced with.

The purpose of the VIP Club is to protect the interests of members, to unite and bring together marine experts and the shipping companies, taking into account the protection of the interests of both parties, to provide the most perfect service model combining individuality, flexibility and efficiency in work, high quality and reliability of services.

The registration on our web-site will give you an opportunity to join a really successful team. Welcome!

Company policy

Our main policy is to satisfy Client’s demands and need in best possible way. The continuous growing of our Company is based on experience and confidence in the efficiency, reliability and independence of our solutions. We are custom oriented and adapted to modern requirements of the market with the unique scheme not having analogues of work and using the highest technologies.

The modern rhythm of life requires constant development.

Our company makes great accents on the development of such items as:

Medical Care

Significant part of successful work and employment is a good health. That is why our company takes great care to check the health status of our clients and cooperates only with international approved and licensed medical centers and institutes, where Marine Personnel/Client can easily pass the full medical examination in accordance to any Company/Shipowner’s requirements and get duly authorized international recognized form of doctor’s conclusion for further employment. The introduction of integrated programs successfully addresses the task of primary health services - rapid diagnosis, carrying out all kinds of examinations (international, flag state, offshore, P&I ones) high speed of analysis, modern equipment, flexible working hours and in individual approach to each Client.

Training courses

Offshore familiarization courses (including Saudi Aramco).

The course of familiarization with the work on offshore vessels and projects to provide a safe and conscious training for specific duties and responsibilities related to cargo operations and other deck activities on board of offshore support vessels.

The course includes:

  • Review of offshore installations
  • Types of offshore vessels
  • Types of offshore activities: (Anchor handling, towing)
  • The processes of risk assessment and risk management tools
  • Overview of main responsibilities according to the position and vessel’s specification.


We pay special attention to the formation of a highly qualified, sustainable and perspective personnel reserve. In order to solve this problem, the company cooperates with leading higher education institutions for the development of the Cadet program for growth and the formation of the officer constitution.

Training center

Professional assistance on training, refreshing, professional development and training of seafarers in accordance with the requirements of international conventions, national standards and requirements of the shipping companies is provided by our partners. We work in close cooperation with the largest maritime training centers.

Our strength

  • Supplying Clients with crew of any ranks and different nationalities - Ukrainian, Russian, Azerbadjanian, Tanzanian, Indonesian, Nigerian and others
  • Supplying with the whole vessel crew – starting from ratings to top officers
  • Vast experience in oil&gas industry
  • Very experienced and educated staff – the marine and office one
  • Using modern technologies in all part of working process

Our experience

We have successful experience in providing manning for offshore fleet, merchant fleet, fleet contains of specialized vessels.

Offshore fleet - experience in providing crew for AHTS, DSV, PSV, Jack-up, Utility Vessel, Tug Boats and others.

Merchant fleet - containers, bulker, tankers, shuttle tankers, LPG,LNG and others.

Specialized fleet - ROV, diamond mining vessels with projects held in Africa.

Huge experience to work with Saudi Aramco and can provide high professional crew to work under Aramco requirements. For more than 15 years’ experience to work in the region, 98% of our seafarers successfully passed evaluation and got Aramco approve.


OIISF Marlins English Language Test for Seafarers

Arowana Club has been awarded the status of Marlins Approved Test Centre by authorities from London, UK and officially allowed to take a language test for seafarers.

The ISF Marlins English Language Test for Seafarers demonstrate that seafarers, of any nationality, have been assessed on their ability to communicate in English – a necessity that has been given additional emphasis by the ISM Code and the revised STCW Convention.

The Marlins Test Of Spoken English (TOSE) provides the oral assessor with a standardised interview format for assessing the speaking and listening skills of all ranks and nationality of seafarers. This certificate is also compulsory for work on ships under the flag of Great Britain.

If you need to obtain a Marlins English Language Test - you can visit our office: Ukraine, Odessa, Tenistaya str. 2A, or make an appointment by phone, +380482341930. Also you can send online request.

If your English level is not enough for passing Marlin's Test in Approved Test Centre, we suggest you to improve your English language skills by taking our training course.



VIP Club for VIP people!

Becoming the member of Arowana Club you will get an absolutely unique product on the market - an effective tool that protects the interests of Club member and their families in all-around questions, constant exchange of experience, constructive dialogs with like-minded people and so on.

Uniqueness of Arowana Club is in providing high-class comprehensive services and assistance for its Club members. Personal approach to each Client and professional service make it possible to achieve maximum efficiency and maximum satisfaction of the Club member wishes as well.

Our exclusive and VIP service provided by personal manager to Club member as a successful person will definitely save your time and emphasize Your high status!

Obtaining the employment within stable and reputable shipping Companies and growth in carrier are the basis for your wealth. Besides, our partners will provide qualified protection of legal rights and financial interests of Club members, who are working under contracts on foreign ships.

Becoming a member of our Club, you can get an answer in your any question by calling one and only person-your personal manager. You will not have to worry in case of loss of documents and credit cards when you’re abroad, to worry about problems of your family members while you are at work, and spending precious time on the internet to plan the upcoming trip. Your personal manager will assume the solution for any questions (starting from ordering the taxi, restaurant reservations, flowers delivery, and etc). We will consider any of your requests as soon as possible and will do our best to solve it in short terms.

Your personal assistant is able to solve any tasks and choose the most attractive conditions and the possibility of considering financial priorities and desired degree of protection against risks.

Purchasing Arowana Club services, you expand your abilities, allowing yourself to live with a comfort and to save the most expensive that you have-time!

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Juridical assistance

The legal aspect is very important in solving complex problems and issues. Our company provides counseling support in all-seasoned developed directions and can provide assistance in any situations.

A quick and precise solution to any given task is a guarantee that the company understands how valuable each client's time is.

*Registered members only


Our company provides a huge variety of consulting and supporting services.We provide travel and visa support ,different types of paper routine work, consultations on STCW/MLC certificates and specialized documents for labor needs.

Qualified consulting services in matters of employment on ships of foreign shipowners and offshore projects including projects "Aramco" consulting support for the formalization of maritime documents, passing the specialized training, visas as well as any other issues on request.

*Registered members only


Arowana Club provides professional assistance in recruiting and supplying the qualified crew and seafarers of any position and nationality in accordance with the requirements of international conventions, national standards and requirements of the shipping companies.

Our specialists start searching for suitable offers and opportunities for you at once you pass the registration.

*Registered members only


Every seafarer passes thorough competency tests to justify level of compliance with prospective work load. Previous sea service is always checked with the former Employer. Seagoing documents are checked and verified to be in line with present maritime legislation terms and conditions.

To pass the inspection from Arowana Club, to evaluate applicability, assess the level of your knowledge and capabilities, get new and broad existing ones - send an online request and our specialists will contact you as soon as possible.

*Registered members only


Quality Management of Arowana Club continues as goal, our utmost efforts are to improve in line with the International Quality standards.

Arowana Club is ISO certified Arowana Club is MLC certified Arowana Club is Marlins Approved Test Centre

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Arowana Club provides the convenience of issuing visas and documents and takes on the routine work, provide full information and consulting support even when our clients are at rest.

Booking flights carried out by the Global Booking System - "Amadeus".

Moreover, our company provides an exclusive service-a searching of tours and tickets. This can save you time and enjoy time with your family.